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Accounting and Funds Disbursal

Accurate accounting and timely fund disbursals are a cornerstone of excellent property management. They provide transparency, accountability, and financial stability for property owners and tenants alike. Our meticulous financial management ensures peace of mind and a smooth operation

Rental Proceeds Disbursal

We aim to keep your income flowing smoothly. Rental proceeds are disbursed to property owners by the fifteenth (15th) of each month in which the tenant pays on time or within the five-day grace period. We recognize the importance of timely access to your funds, so if your tenant pays late, rest assured that you will be promptly informed and can expect your proceeds within ten (10) days after we receive payment.

For your convenience and to expedite the receipt of funds, we highly recommend setting up automatic deposits to your designated bank account. This not only ensures a hassle-free transfer of funds but also saves you valuable time and effort.

Transparent Financial Records

Transparency and accessibility are crucial aspects of our service. We believe that property owners should have convenient access to all financial information related to their property. To achieve this, we provide you with two essential services:

Monthly Activity Reports: We post a detailed monthly activity report on your personal “Owner Portal” on our website. You can conveniently access this portal to review the financial activity, track rent payments, and monitor expenses associated with your property. Additionally, if you prefer, we can send these reports directly to the email address you provide.

Annual Tax Reporting: We understand the importance of maintaining clear and accurate financial records for tax purposes. Each year, you will receive an IRS Form 1099, which outlines your property’s annual income. Alongside this, we also provide you with a comprehensive financial report for the year, ensuring that you are well-prepared for your tax obligations.

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At RMA, we are committed to simplifying the property management process, providing you with peace of mind, and maximizing the financial returns on your investment. Our meticulous accounting and funds disbursal services, coupled with transparent reporting, offer you the assurance that your property’s financial matters are in capable hands. Rest easy knowing that your property is not just a valuable asset, but a well-managed and financially optimized one.

To learn more about our property management service and how we can enhance the performance of your investment, please contact us today!

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