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Realty Management Advisors in Bluffton is a property management company that specializes in managing and maintaining residential properties in Bluffton, South Carolina. We work closely with property owners to maintain their investment properties achieve profitability. With a team of experienced professionals, the company aims to provide exceptional services that exceed the expectations of both property owners and tenants.

Our services include a range of tasks such as finding tenants, collecting rent, maintaining the property, and handling tenant complaints and repair requests. Our property managers act as intermediaries between property owners and tenants, ensuring that both parties’ needs are met. They also handle legal issues related to the property, such as lease agreements, eviction procedures, and compliance with local and state regulations.

As Your Bluffton Property Manager

We Take Care of Everything


Tenant Screening Process

We take tenant selection seriously; conducting thorough background checks to ensure that only qualified and responsible renters are chosen.


Inspection and Maintenance

Regular property inspections and maintenance are a core part of our service. We perform routine checks to identify and address any maintenance issues promptly, ensuring your property remains in excellent condition and preventing costly repairs in the long run.


Marketing Your Rental Property

Our comprehensive property management service includes expert marketing strategies to attract potential tenants to your property on both leading listing websites and our own website.


Lease Administration and Management

We handle all aspects of lease administration, from drafting legally compliant leases to addressing tenant concerns and managing renewals.

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Accounting and Funds Disbursal

With our transparent accounting system, you can trust us to manage your property’s financial transactions effectively. We maintain detailed records of income and expenses and disburse funds to you promptly, providing you with a clear overview of your property’s financial performance.


Eviction Procedure

In the rare event that eviction becomes necessary, our experienced team will navigate the legal process for you. We’ll handle the entire eviction procedure, ensuring it’s executed swiftly and in compliance with all relevant laws.

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About Bluffton & the Lowcountry

Bluffton, South Carolina is a charming town that has become a sought-after destination for both residents and visitors alike. Nestled along the banks of the May River, Bluffton offers a unique blend of Lowcountry beauty and modern convenience. With its historic district, tree-lined streets, and a thriving arts and culture scene, Bluffton has something to offer for everyone.

For those seeking property management services in Bluffton, you’ll find we manage a diverse range of rental properties, from picturesque waterfront homes to cozy cottages in the heart of town. Our dedicated team of property managers understands the local real estate market and the unique needs of homeowners and tenants in this beautiful area. We provide comprehensive property management solutions, from marketing and tenant screening to maintenance and financial management, ensuring that your investment property is in the best hands.

Whether you’re a property owner or a prospective tenant in search of your dream rental in Bluffton, our property management experts are here to make your experience seamless and stress-free. Bluffton’s allure, with its stunning landscapes and welcoming community, offers a truly exceptional backdrop for those seeking a place to call home.

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